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Why do I Suffer with PMS?

No one knows for sure why you suffer and I wish I had a better answer for you.  I can share some interesting information that have been documented in The BodyWise Women and based on studies conducted by the Melpomene Institute, the only research organization in the US devoted to women’s health and physical activity.

Would it surprise you to know that 40% of women who menstruate suffer PMS symptoms & for 10% of suffers, the symptoms can severely disrupt their lives.  That’s a lot of us!

PMS symptoms have been grouped into four categories as follows:


No one really knows what causes PMS.  Some researches believe that hormonal change or imbalance is the culprit.  One popular theory is that PMS is linked to imbalance in the ratio of progesterone to estrogen.

In terms of treatment – seek professional help if it’s debilitating and exercise if it’s not.  Women who engaged in aerobic exercise experienced a decrease in more pre-menstrual symptoms, (especially depressions) than those who engaged only in strength training.  They believe that aerobic activity may alleviate symptoms because of increased circulation, and the decreased bloating and fluid buildup.

reference:  The Bodywise Women by Judy Mahle Lutter Lynn Jaffee of the Melpomene Institute