What are the 10 things that Great Coaches Do?

#1: Top Coaches Are All About Assessment

Simply put, the best coaches in the world perform thorough assessments when working with new clients – before doing anything else.

#2: Top Coaches Show What They Can Do

Let’s be honest: clients across the world are spending big bucks to get into shape. Often as much as five or ten thousand dollars. And if we can get them into shape, we’re worth every single penny.

That’s why the best coaches keep detailed statistics.

#3: Top Coaches Are Well-Trained

Sure, this can mean college degrees. It can also mean diplomas and certifications.

Elite fitness pros become life-long learners.

#4: Top Coaches Are Healthy and Fit

Would you really trust a realtor who’s never owned a home? How about a broke financial planner? Probably not. So why would anyone hire an out-of-shape trainer?

Now, don’t get me wrong. Top trainers don’t have to look like fitness models or bodybuilders. However, they do have to live the kind of lifestyle they preach to their clients.

They should have a little more muscle, a little less fat, and a better health profile than the average person. This is powerful evidence that they know both how the body works (exercise/nutrition physiology) and how the mind works (change psychology).

#5: Top Coaches Reward Behaviors, Not Outcomes

“I need to lose 10 pounds” is an outcome. “I need to exercise five times per week” is a behavior. Elite coaches know that the outcome is their responsibility – and that the behavior is the responsibility of the client.

Followed this week’s habits 90% of the time and didn’t miss any workouts? That’s worthy of a reward — regardless of the outcome — because it’s this pattern of behavior that will eventually lead to success.

#6: Top Coaches Take Regular Measurements

Clients want to achieve something measurable, so guess what the best coaches do? They measure everything worth measuring.

Elite fitness pros will monitor and record performance variables like sets, reps, and rest intervals. They’ll monitor nutrition habit and behavior compliance. They’ll monitor workout attendance. They’ll monitor body composition. They’ll take pictures. And more.

Without metrics, no one knows what kind of progress — if any at all — is actually being made. Without metrics, on-the-fly adjustments are all but impossible.

#7: Top Coaches Know How To Help All Clients

In the fitness field (as well as high performance athletics) we’ve seen three types of coaches. First, there are the mediocre coaches. These folks have the most basic training but, because they just don’t know enough, or they just don’t care care enough, fail to consistently produce client results. Fortunately, these coaches are easy to spot, and they don’t last very long.

Next, there are the good coaches. These folks are really good at getting results in a single client type (usually the type of client that’s just like them). However, if you’re not in their perfect demographic, or not just like them, they’re not very good. And that’s a problem. Their limitations mean that they can only help a small percentage of the clients that hire them.

Finally, there are the elite coaches. These folks are well-trained and adaptable. They’re able to produce results in every type of client. From 18 year old guys, to 65 year old women, from level 1 beginners, to level 3 pros, they can do it all. That makes them indispensable. (And in demand.)

#8: Top Coaches Adopt Everything Useful To Get Results

Top trainers know that exercise alone doesn’t work. And top nutrition coaches know that dieting alone doesn’t work. Both research and real-world evidence have proven that both exercise and nutrition are critical to the body transformation process.

That’s why elite coaches offer integrated nutrition and training solutions as part of their programing. They oversee exercise programming. They coach the movements. They provide motivation. They also schedule private nutrition sessions. They assess nutritional intake and compliance regularly. They show their clients around the grocery store, and encourage them to prepare and cook their food.

#9: Top Coaches Really Care

I believe it’s every coach’s responsibility to help every person that comes to see them. And that means actually caring about that person and doing whatever it takes to help them make improvements in their body – and their life.

#10: Top Coaches Read



SOURCE: www.precisionnutrition.com

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