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The Fat Burning Hormone

I’ve recently learned that we produce less carnitine as we age.  So what? you may ask.

L-Carnitine is required for the metabolism of fats.  It helps get the fat into the blood stream & into the cells where it can be burned off for energy.  The higher the carnitine levels, the higher the rate of fat transport.

Think of carnitine like the officials at immigration.  If you arrive at the airport with 500 other passengers and there’s one official at the immigration station it’ll take a long time to get thru the process.  If there are 500 official, then you move through quickly and leave the airport.  (leaving the airport is the same as fat being burned off).  The more officials (carnitine) the easier and faster the process.

I’ve started supplementing with it to help body composition.  I take 2 before training, my lifts have increased and thus helping me change my body composition and lean out.  My endurance and energy have increased with no side effects.

You can read more about it from Poliquin Group

I take two of these ==>http://L-Carnitine  before training, one with breakfast and one with dinner.  I’ve increased energy during training, sweat more (aka burn off more fat).  Being 50, I’ll take all the help I can get!!