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The End of Overeating

Book Review provided by Judy Garlough


The End of Overeating
by David A. Kessler, M.D.
Copyright 2009 Simon & Schuster Inc

There are two separate parts to this book:
The first part is a look Inside the Food Industry which focuses on how corporations are manipulating people into overeating, in pursuit of the almighty dollar. In this section I learnt:

  • There are huge nutritional voids in the foods prepared for us in some restaurants and boxed prepackaged items
  • A lot of food is so over-processed that it has little resemblance to the original food
  • The industry relies heavily on food designers, food consultants and scientists to prepare hyper-palatable meals
  • hydonic effect refers to the perfect combination of sugar, salt and fat in processed and restaurant food.

And very interestingly I learnt that eating in a restaurant is now referred to as “eatertainment!”

The second part of the book is a look at Food Rehabilitation-Behavior analysis and modification which is a step by step guide of how to recognize and unlearn all the behaviours that have lead to over eating in society. In this section they cover:

  • Conditioned hyper-eating
  • The emotional side of eating
  • Learning how to recognize patterns – cue, urge, reward cycle that leads to overeating
  • How to unlearn this cycle through awareness, alternative responses and formulating new responses

This is the most impactful and useful part of the book in regards to behaviour analysis and behaviour modification.