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"So I couldn't find a trainer at my local gym for a reasonable price and who wanted to complete a plan for my that would change monthly and not every time I came in. That’s when I decide to give you a try - Loving the workouts so far! After 1 month, I notice a bit of a difference in my belly, it appears a bit more slender! I definitely look in the mirror and feel a bit happier!"


Andrea wanted to feel stronger, more fit and gain energy.. & oh yeah, get leaner legs. She has very little spare time because she runs her own successful business. She joined the gym for quick & intense workouts — now she’s got a hop in her step. Even her employees notice her increased energy. Legs are looking good too!


"Janet, I'm leaving it with lots of good habits which I plan to carry on. It was a kick in the arse to get me out of my rut and made me aware that I should just accept myself as I am. I'm changing the things I can and letting go of what I can't (well, almost). I’ve lost 10 lbs. and happy about it. When the wrinkles settle I'll strive to lose a few more. I'm happier and more focused."

Anita O'Connell

"I remember the day I decided to call you very clearly. I remember being tired of being tired. I just had surgery on my ankle and I wanted to keep mobile. I was scared that my ankle would impact my daily activities and I needed help to stay active. I wanted privacy rather than a crowded gym and I needed something in Orleans because my life is already packed with a full time job, 2 lively kids and an active husband.

What if I had never called you that day? I’m so glad I did!"

Together we figured out the diet changes that would work with my life style. I couldn’t make huge changes all at once. But in only 4 months I fit into my skinny jeans!

I love working out with you and the other women and I always look forward to going to the gym… As I never have before. I never thought I’d be able to deadlift 140lbs. I’m totally into the gym thing and can’t image my life without it! A Big thanks to you and to all my powerful sistas!!!

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"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Your participation in my journey of getting back on track – back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle has been invaluable!

I realized that I needed your help when I could not get back to “me” on my own, after months of trying. Your assessment revealed things that I knew but could not get beyond and also made me realize how life stresses can affect your overall health and nutrition.

Your sessions brought insight to my nutrition, as well as all the other aspects of my life that were affecting my balance and playing on my eating habits – sleep, stress, emotions, anxiety, etc.

You often went beyond your job, and listened to me vent, encouraged me when I felt I was failing, supported me in hard times… some sessions felt almost like counselling (lol). You read and responded to my emails, analyzed my nutrition diaries, offered advice and solutions/options and sent articles that were relevant to me. You were always available, even on your holidays!

In the 3 months that I have worked with you, I have lost weight, inches, gained muscle mass, but most importantly, I feel like I have control over my health again. I am back on track and I know how to stay on track and also how to get back on track if life sends me a few curve. I feel like ‘me’ again, and that is thanks to you! It’s not perfect, but it’s damn fine! 🙂

You are really great at your job, but beyond that, you are an amazing person! I am thankful that you are in my life!"