Stretching…. Who Needs it?

Whew! you’re done.  Worked your butt off, created a puddle on the floor & you are spent. Good for you!  You pat yourself on the back because you feel like a million bucks.

But just one question – did you stretch?  I didn’t think so.

Generally speaking, we need to spend more time getting those beautiful muscles lean and strong by stretching them,  and I don’t just mean 1-2 minutes and out the door. We need to devote 10-15 minutes per day (nearly every day) in order to realize benefits of stretching.

Like any new program, progress is important.  Start slow and build up to a heavy stretch. I’m not saying we have to get ready for Circ de Soleil but I’d like you all to be able to bend over and touch your toes.

The benefits: Increased flexibility (OK so that’s a no brainer but I wanted to mention it anyway). You know those hamstrings that won’t let you bend over without the knees smacking you in the chest?  Yea, a little tight eh?  Stretching those legs will help you become more agile, feel better and maybe even feel younger.

Stretching releases toxins from the muscles and helps relax the body.  You know that feeling of euphoria after an awesome Yoga session.  UMMMM could almost go to sleep just thinking about it.

Stretching can help improve your posture too.  Muscles shorten when we don’t stretch them, then the shoulders become rounded, the head juts forward, the hips become tight.  We get headaches and neck pain and back pain etc.

If I told you I had a secret that I would take 5 pounds off of you immediately, would you hire me to tell?  Stretch the body — think tall and long, push the shoulders back, hold the head up in line with the shoulders, engage the core and there you go – 5 lbs lighter straight away.  Don’t believe me?   Stand in front of the mirror and give it a try.

Stretch so you can improve your balance, your circulation and your heart. It’s all connected. Your body is one big cohesive piece of machinery and if one part breaks down, it will all eventually break down.