Stability Ball Decline Pushup with Knee Tuck

Combination moves are multiple exercises blended together to make one exercise. This particular exercise works your chest, triceps, shoulders, core and legs for a total body movement.  Working more muscles at a time creates higher intensity and burns more calories.


Place your abdomen on top of the ball.  Roll forward until your hands reach the floor in front of the ball.  Walk your hands out until only your feet remain on top of the ball (if that is too difficult leave the entire shin on the ball for more balance). 
Your arms should be straight with hands directly under your shoulders. Your back should be flat and your abs drawn in.


Execute the push up portion.  Keep your body straight, tuck your chin and leading with your chest, lower your upper body to floor.   Push the body up until arms are extended.
Pull knees to your chest for a knee tuck,
or for a more advanced version execute a jackknife.  
Push feet back until the body is straight and in starting position, repeat 10-15 times.
Check out an earlier blog post for more details on the execution of the knee tuck & jackknife: http://www.janetfougere.com/wordpress/?p=146