Nutrition Programs

Better Nutrition to Key to Transforming Your Life

I learned how to improve my nutrition and prepare healthy meals and you can too! Kick your transformation into high gear with proper nutrition and a plan that works for you:

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

My coaching approach provides simple, strategic practices to help you become the best version of you...and stay that way! You will get:

  • A unique plan based on your goals and lifestyle
  • Recipes to suit your tastes & habits
  • Tips and strategies to keep you on point
  • Support and accountability with periodic touch points

Cooking Demonstrations

Stuck on how to prepare quick, healthy meals?

  • Join me in the kitchen for a cooking demonstration
  • You'll learn to prepare healthy versions of your old favourites like pizza, nachos, ice-cream & much more
  • You’ll sample all of these dishes and leave with the recipes
  • Learn how to plan and prepare healthy dishes that are fast, easy, nutrition and yummy

Kitchen Makeover

Let me in your Kitchen! If your kitchen is not in good order, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting on track to healthy eating and the body you want

  • We reorganize your kitchen together
  • Clean out cupboards of unhealthy foods
  • Plan and organize the space with healthier alternatives
  • Stock and prepare your kitchen for healthy eating

Grocery Shopping Tours

Take me with you to the grocery store! Working together as a team, we will:

  • Prepare the grocery list
  • Discover superfoods
  • Learn to read labels & what to look for to classify the food as healthy or unhealthy
  • Make healthy choices when purchasing packaged foods