Ms. Figure – Closing Comments

I’ve changed my mind about competing in the Ms.Figure this year

Last Friday (May 4, at precisely 3:37 : ) I made a decision to pull out of the competition. This was an agonizing for me, but at 116 pounds & 12.5% body fat I wasn’t prepared to shed anymore fat & sadly this body is not stage ready. For the next 7 weeks I needed to reduce carb intake to less than 50g on 6 of 7 days and i wasn’t comfortable doing that.

I learned a great deal about myself & what motivates me.  In the end, the process of presenting myself on stage didn’t feel right to me.  I’m more of a “meat and potatoes” kinda girl if you know what i mean?  lol

I wouldn’t change the experience for anything & I accomplished some amazing stuff — even surprised myself on a couple of occasions.  I think I’m a better trainer and a better person for having started this journey.

I’d like to give a special mention to Shelley Hindle (wonderful trainer & Friend) and Amazing Di (Diane Merpaw) for their support and encouragement along the way.

I cut pictures out of video that was taken at the posing practice session on Apr 29.

iPhoto iPhoto-1 iPhoto-2 iPhoto-3 iPhoto-4


In closing I’ll leave you with this:

  • Competition Shoes $50 (they’re not the ones on my feet BTW)
  • Competition Suit $300
  • Training Sessions $1500+
  • OPA membership $80
  • Competition Fee $150
  •  Finding out who you are…. priceless