Ms.Figure – Chapter 4: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly??

hey again.

It’s been 5 weeks since I started on my journey and 3 weeks since I started working with a Personal Trainer.  Im down 6.4 lbs and 1.1% body fat.  YAHOO

Lifesytle changes included:

  • More fat and less carbs in my diet  (basically the same advice I give to my clients)
  • Less wine (quite a bit less wine, if I’m honest : )
  • More cardio.  This is self prescribed; I’m doing 15-20 mins/day and 30-35 mins 2x a week.  I suspect I’ll need to pick this up but waiting for my coach to say so  : )

The Good

  • I feel great & am loving the experience.

The Bad & Ugly??

  • Last Thursday hubby says, you look skinny & your shoulders are boxie-er.  Ummmmm…..   He was cool with me changing my physic &  still is with one caveat….. until November.  After that he’s hoping that his week-end wine-drinking, nacho eating partner comes back.
  • Should be interesting since my coach expects me to be ready for competition by April… not Nov.
  • Will keep you posted as the drama unfolds.

Still having fun — enjoy life, stay healthy, happy, lean and fit!