Ms.Figure – chapter 3 – first session with a Figure coach

The first session with my trainer was inspiring. 4 exercises, as many reps/sets as possible in 20 minutes – no breaks.  That no break thing is a killer!  Got thru 6 sets and started on the 7th when the 20 min bell sounded — YAHOO!

Got my meal plan but i haven’t had an opportunity to look at it very closely.   I’m a bit apprehensive — if i haven’t review it, i don’t have to adhere to it, right??… did i say that out loud?

Anyway we’re off to the races.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.  Today I’m 122.4 lbs, 24% body fat – down 3 lbs and 1% body fat since Aug 15.

Here’s to all of you being happy, healthy, Extra lean and Fit!