Ms Figure – Apr 16 Tell everyone about your Goal.

OK count down has started… 9 weeks left until the competition date.


So the April date didn’t materialize, the competition will be held on Jun 16 (about 9 weeks away).

If there’s one think I’d like to share with folks: tell as many people about your goal as you can, it’ll help you stick to it when it gets tough.  Honestly, if I hadn’t told so many people I was doing this, I would of quit & had a glass of wine!

For me, the process has it’s up and down.  I love the training, the diet is OK — i feel energized most of the time but look forward to the day when I can have a cappuccino and a muffin.

It’s hard work preparing for this & more difficult than I expected it to be.

I had reached a plateau with fat loss and broke it with a rapid fat loss diet & increasing the intensity of my training.  I’m at about 13% body fat, my weight fluctuates quite a bit but hangs around 117 lbs.  I’ve had the competition suit on twice in as many weeks.    Every time I put it on, I’m terrified by 1) how much work I still have to do and 2) the fact that I present myself on stage in this thing…..  & how much I’d like a frikin’ muffin!