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Meditation…. The road to happiness?

Studies have proven that there are many benefits to meditation, it affects your brain the way exercise affects your body — making it stronger, healthier, and more efficient.  Some even claim that it’s the answer to happiness and the meaning of life.    K  — I’m not sure about the meaning of life thing, but I can tell you that it brings peace and tranquility to my mind and spirit.  I’m even getting better at holding my response when my “nickers are in a knot”!   And that’s HUGE for me.

And the best part is that mediation isn’t complicated…  it takes discipline but it’s not complicated.  At first I found it a bit overwhelming,  then I stumbled onto this “how to meditate for dummies” article that does a wonderful job of simplifying the process.  It’s what first inspired me to start meditation.  Read more at Women’s Health: Meditation:Fight Depression and Stress

It’s quite simple really — basically a time for quiet & reflexion.   You don’t have to sit for hours chanting mantras or solve all of your issues.  It’s a few minutes of your day to sit quietly and focus on the breath.   That’s the hard part, being quiet.  My brain, like so many others, is a highway of crossing roads, exits and on ramps until I don’t know where to start or stop!

I started with only a couple of minutes and gradually increased it to 5,  then to 10 minutes.   I even start my day at 4:50AM to allow extra time for meditation before I train my first client at 6:00.  For me, I like to include a prayer of sorts, show gratitude for the wonderful blessing and the people in my life.  I take time to evaluate where I can be more flexible in my life and my relationships.  I set my intent for the day, to act with purpose. (thanks to Amazing Di for the last little gem)

The benefits of meditation are numerous & so worth it:

Helps your brain.  Improves memory  I’ve read that it can even help people with Alzheimer’s and will make you smarter (& who can’t use more of that!).

Improves concentration.  For 5-10 minutes you’re away from your phone, email, text and the demands of daily life.  Again… I can use a few minutes of that.

Helps manage stress.  To be honest, in the beginning I felt more stressed, the mind is racing, got a million things to do.   Practice focusing on your breathing… Inhale “LET”,  exhale “GO”.  You will feel calmer and rejuvenated at the other end, I promise you that.

Helps your creativity.  Silencing the mind removes the distraction of what needs to be done in the future and the mistakes you’ve made in the past.  Living in the present moment frees the mind of the clutter and invites natural spontaneity.

Clears the Mind of negative talk.   Take a day and count all the times you have a negative thought.   It’s no wonder you’re stressed, angry, sad, depressed, unhappy, bored  Your brain is like a broken record, change the tune and you’ll change your life.

Start meditating today!

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