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Less is More

“If you have more than three priorities, you have none”  ~~  Jim Collins.

Recently I attended a “Coaching Behavior Change” webinar and the instructor, Krista Sc
ott-Dixon shared this quote.  It resonated with me, particularly at this time of year when some of you are
making new year resolutions.

As you embark on your new goals and life style changes, it’s important to realize that research shows that changing too many things at once may set you up for failure. Focusing on less helps you achieve more.

In The Power of Less, Leo Babauta outlines his method of success, one that I incorporate into my coaching practice.

From Chapter 5: Create New Habits…

“The only way you’ll form long-lasting habits is by applying the Power of Less: focus on one habit at a time, one month at a time, so that you’ll be able to focus all your energy on creating that one habit.

  1. Select one habit…only one habit per month. You can choose any habit – whatever you think will have the biggest impact on your life.
  2. Write down your plan. You will need to specifically state what your goal will be each day, when you’ll do it, what your “trigger” will be, who you will report to…
  3. Post your goal publicly. Tell as many people as possible that you are trying to form your new habit. I suggest an online forum, but you could email it to coworkers and family and friends or otherwise get the word out to a large group.
  4. Report on your progress daily. Each day, tell the same group of people whether or not you succeeded at your goal.”

I’d love to help you establish which habits are most important for your goals and help you put your plan into action, patiently and one habit at a time.  For some of you, this is the first step in eating healthy, introducing movement and improving your life.