Is it too Late to Start Exercising?

A client visited the gym recently wondering if it was too late to start an exercise program because she was 60-something.  My response: Absolutely not!

What we think of as the “normal” aging process is more likely due to inactivity. People lose about 5 lb of lean mass per decade between that ages of 25 and 65.   Muscle is very metabolically active, so muscle loss (at least in part) is responsible for the decline in our metabolism.  Regular exercise will build lean muscle, suggesting that metabolic decline isn’t age-associated, but rather life-style related.

In summary: Being out of shape looks like old age.

It’s important to know that:

  • Older adults get the same benefits from training program as younger adults.
  • Strength is trainable.  Fibres of any age increase in size and strength, so you can start building muscle mass and bone density at any point in your life.

One thing that I’m sure: if you are exercising regularly, you will look and feel better, regardless of your age.

Exercise is one of the best gifts that you can give your body.

Here’s to you being Happy, Healthy, Lean and Fit.