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How Much Should Females be able to Bench Press?

The American College of Sports Medicine uses body weight, age and sex to define bench press standards.

An average ranking is the 50th percentile, above average is 70th percentile and well above average is 90th percentile.

Women in their 20s, must lift at least 65% of their body weight to be in the 50th percentile, 74% of their body weight to be ranked above average (70th percentile) and 90% of their body weight to be placed in the 90th percentile.

Here’s the chart for women of all ages.

AGE50th Percentile70th Percentile90th Percentile

For example, I’m a 55 year old women; I weigh 124LBS & can bench 95LBs. This puts me in the 90th percentile.  In fact, anything over 75LB is in the 90th percentile:  124LBs x 61% = 75.64

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The bench press is a standard measurement for strength (plus the back squat and deadlift).

However, if you’re like the other women in my practice, you want to be strong and lean. I found the magic happens when you can do 3 things:

  • Deadlift your own weight
  • Execute 8-10 unbroken pushups on your toes
  • Do 3 unassisted pull-ups

I promise you, if you can do these 3 things you’ll have the body you always wanted.  And it’s fun to focus on performance rather than food alone to reach your body composition goals!

If you need help accomplishing these 3 movements or getting in the top 90th percentile of your bench reach out to me.  I’ll get you there – That’s what I do, that’s what I love.

Contact me at to find out more or if you just have questions.

Coach Janet, Pn2