How Much Should Females be able to Bench Press?

Average Female Bench Press

The American College of Sports Medicine classifies using percentiles based on body weight, age and sex. For example, a female in her 30s weighing 140 lbs. in the 50th percentile should have a 1RM of 57 percent of her body weight or 80 lbs. An average ranking is in the 50th percentile, above average is 70th percentile and well above average is 90th percentile. Bench press standards for women in their 20s must lift 65 percent of their body weight for 50th percentile, 74 percent for 70th and 90 percent for 90th. Women in their 30s must lift 57 percent for 50th, 63 percent for 70th and 76 percent for 90th. Women in their 40s must lift 52 percent for 50th, 57 percent for 70th and 71 percent for 90th. Women in their 50s must lift 46 percent for 50th, 52 percent for 70th and 61 percent for 90th.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/442557-how-much-can-the-average-female-bench-press/#ixzz1QyowmDLU


I created this chart to help me visualize the differences.

AGE50th Percentile70th Percentile90th Percentile

OK Ladies, who’s up for the challenge of getting in the 90th percentile?