Mind and Body

How Can I Find Time to Exercise?


A 30-minute session of moderate-intensity exercise can help ease distress, depression, tension and anger, says Michael Bracko, an exercise physiologist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and a spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine.  These benefits are present because 30 minutes of exercise releases the “feel good” endorphin hormones. These are the same chemicals that our brain manufactures when we are in love or when we eat chocolate.

Exercising costs energy, but it gives you energy — and tons of it!  Even if you’re tired when you start, you’ll quickly get a rush of endorphins that will boost your energy levels.

So how do you schedule 30 minutes three times a week when you’re already over worked, stressed and busy with life’s demands?


Find time to exercise now or find time to be sick later — you chose!

Schedule it

If you don’t schedule your exercise, it wont happen.  Write it in your calendar and make the appointment non-negotiable: phone calls, emails and other interruptions will need to wait.  On Sunday, I schedule and block off time for all of the training sessions for the week.  I may have to say NO to other projects or requests for my time, but if exercise is your priority the other demands will take a back seat.

Make it fun

Play a sport you love, take up a dance class or group exercise class, or do a quick workout at home.  You don’t have to spend hours at the gym — in fact, it’s not good for you.  If you work out at the gym or at home, pick lots of full body movements like squats, lunges, push-ups, pull ups and burpees.  Go for a walk and stop at the park, run or walk up and down the bleachers, do pull-ups (or just hang) on the monkey bars.  Get out there and move.

Evaluate your time

Look for stuff you do that is less important than your health:  watching TV, shopping, going to restaurants then swap out this time for exercise.  If the president can find time to exercise…

Apply a positive mindset

Whether you think you can exercise or whether you think you can’t,  you’re right!

Make it fun and part of your daily life and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself later.