Happy Holidays

My goal will be to maintain my current weight over the holidays….  & that might be hard enough! OMG I embarrassed myself last Friday night at the Indian Buffet —  I think I ate my own weight in food!

So here’s my plan for the holiday season:

MOVE – At the party mingle, take picture, sing at the karaoke station….  Anything but hang around the food table.  And when you do nibble at the table, limit the complex carbs.  Have a number in mind before you head out to the event — allow 1-2 pieces for the evening.

BALANCE – Eat mindfully the day you’re going out.  Eat smaller meals during the day to allow a few extra calories in the evening.  If you’re planning to have a glass of wine, reduce the intake of fruit for that day.

WATER – Water down alcoholic drinks; I’ve gotten into the habit of indulging in a white wine spritzer:   Ok so the buzz may not be as good, but it’s 1/2 the calories.  Totally worth it. : )

EXERCISE – Keep the focus on your training regime.  If it’s hard to get motivated, invest in a new exercise program, try a new exercise class or give yourself an early Christmas gift of new workout cloths.