Halloween Can be Scary For Sure!

Here it is again… Halloween and the overflowing supply of candy, chips, pop and crap!

For folks with a sweet tooth it can be sooo tempting and all that sugar can totally blow everything we’ve been working so hard for.

What’s a girl to do?  Here’s a few ideas I hope will help.

1.  Buy the crappiest candy you can find.  If you don’t like it you’ll be less tempted to eat it.

2.  Buy the treats last minute. If it’s not in the house, you can’t eat it. That one’s pretty simple.

3.  Store goodies far away.  Assuming #1 and #2 don’t fly, place the sugar goodness somewhere deep in the dungeon, ask somebody else to hide it for you.

4.  Opt for a healthier choice.  Give out sugar free gum instead of candy.  Then you don’t have the sugar-devil tempting you.  This option is also kinder to the trick-or-treaters than #1.

5.  Only have 1-2 pieces.  Okay so all else fails and you HAVE to indulge, consider it your cheat meal and indulge in 1-2 small pieces.