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Change your Spirit in 1.0 Second

Recently I had a client who inspired me so much that I wanted to share her story, hoping that it inspires you as well…  it may even help you past your own personal hurdles.

One second doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but think of all that can happen:

  • World records are set… and broken,
  • Love ones are lost… and born, and
  • People make choices that impact their life & health for the rest of their lives

The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day and of these more than 80% are negative. [ Source: cha cha ].    Assuming “the day” includes sleeping time, that’s approximately one thought per second — mostly negative! WOW – how much damage are you doing to your spirit?

Do you ever get caught up worrying about the future?:  When will the number on the scale change? Will I be able to drop that dress size?  How long is this going to take?  or do you find yourself sad and regretful living in the past:  Why did I eat all of that food? Drink all of that alcohol?

This obsession will hinder progress, waste time and waste energy.   Take 1.0 second to ground yourself, appreciate all that you have and enjoy your journey.  Learn to embrace the present — imperfections and all.

Meet my client, I’ll call her: Jan.  She eats fairly healthy & exercises 2-3x a week.  But has a muffin top that she despises!  She frustrated: Why the hell can’t I get rid of this roll?

Jan met with me for her consultation – and btw drilled me for whys and why-nots –  as a deviation from the main story, this was pretty much consistent throughout the journey, which ultimately lead to her success.  Anyway, back to the story – she took her new program, scheduled follow up sessions and off she went.

At first, everything went along perfectly as planned:  (so often this is the case), weight starts dropping off, body fat diminished.  She’s thrilled! After about 2-3 months Jan hits a plateau, throughout this time she had bad days and good – regular ups and downs.

Then she got sick and was unable to train & eat properly for about 2 weeks. When she got well again, she hit a slump which lasted some weeks (enough time that I was scared to lose her to weaker, unhealthy beings : ).  Jan didn’t want to train, couldn’t seem to eat properly, felt awful and just didn’t know what to do.

This is the message I want you all to get:  most of us hit this phase — know that it’s real, common, human nature to lose the dedication and motivation, you know why?….. ‘Cause it’s frickin’ hard to change your body composition!  But Jan persevered – bless her heart.  And if you choice to persevere, it will pay off  in droves.

Consistency is truly the only diet pill!  And I give you permission to tattoo this on your wrist.

Anyway, back to Jan — she stuck with the program, we kept in contact and eventually she returned on her path to a healthier life style and back on track with results she was proud of.

At this point, she hasn’t quite hit her goal weight, but she discovered something much more critical and life changing – – an acceptance of herself.  A few weeks ago, she sent me this email.  Her revelation was wonderful — it’s what I wish for all of you.   Basically, embrace who you are & your body type.  Connect with it, enjoy your training, eat well, exercise, all of your other wishes will follow.

This is her e-mail:

I had a thought tonight while I was out running and wanted to share it with you. I’m at a point in my life where I love my body, obviously there are some parts I’m not crazy but I work at it so I still feel good. Although when I was younger I wished I could have been one of those skinny girls who eat as much junk food as they like and never gain a pound, that isn’t the case now. I have a good body type and metabolism but still have to work at it, which I now see as a good thing. If I didn’t have this body type I wouldn’t be driven to properly take care of myself by eating right and exercising. Even though I might get frustrated at times, it’s also a blessing to have a challenge.