Hi, I’m Coach Janet

In my late 20’s, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, ate lots of trans fats, never exercised and was a workaholic.

Eventually I changed my wicked ways, quit smoking and started training regularly. After twenty odd years immersed in the corporate life as a project/portfolio manager in the I.T. department, I left to pursue my dream job. And now, I help others find a healthy life style and will never work another day in my life!

I learned lots about nutrition in order to place first in Ms. Figure OPA (grand master category), but will not compete again.

Today I’m absolutely addicted to Cross-fit Training.  A surprise to many, including myself  ? and I recently accepted a position to act as the gym’s nutritionist.

I’m a member of the over-50-club, in the best shape of my life.

As a mother of two teenage boys and two step children, I understand how busy your life is and that you need to get fit and strong in limited time.

My philosophy is to find balance in nutrition and exercise. Eat healthy foods most of the time. Find an activity you enjoy and execute it with intensity. De-stress, take care of yourself physically and mentally.

I like to help my clients rock the body they have! It’s uniquely yours, embrace it. We aren’t models on the cover of the magazines (who by the way, are starved, dehydrated and photo-shopped). We’re real people, with real issues and lives.

Certified Personal Trainer • Precision Nutrition Level 2 • FMS Certification • BioSig Practitioner

Why do you want to coach people?

To help them lose fat, get stronger and perform better.

Why do you want to help them perform better?

So they feel better about themselves.

Why is it important that they feel better?

As I kid, I was picked on because of the way I looked. I know what it’s like to self-conscious & weak — and it sucks! I also know the empowerment that comes with confidence and strength.

Why is feeling empowered, strong and confidence so important?

When you’re more confident, you get what you want out of life!