Ab Roller Exercise

This exercise can be done with either an Ab Roller device or a barbell.  Warning:  not for the faint of heart : ) 

How to do Ab Rollers Exercise with a Barbell/Ab Roller

Preparation: Either purchase an Ab Roller (they’re relatively inexpensive, I found mine at Sportchek in Orleans) or load a barbell with 10 pound plates.

Step 1: Kneel on the floor holding the barbell or Ab Roller with an overhand grip, arms shoulder width apart & shoulders above the barbell/Ab Roller.  Lift your feet so that you are resting on the fleshy part of the knee just above the knee caps.








Step 2: Roll the barbell/Abroller forward allowing your hips and torso to fall to the ground, but don’t allow your body to touch.

Maintain a constant tension in your core muscles keeping everything engaged.






Only roll forward as much as your strength and flexibility will allow.  Slowly build your power & core strength.

Step 3: Using your core muscles pull the barbell backwards until it reaches the starting position.


This exercise is fairly difficult — but very effective.  If  you are unable to come back to start position, execute only the negative component of the exercise:  roll the barbell or Ab Roller out, drop and come up on your hands.