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What’s For Snack?

One of the biggest challenge faced by my clients is trying to figuring out what to have for a healthy snack. If you’re running out of snack ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’m gonna share a collection of my favourites with you.

I’m precision nutrition certified, so a lot of what I teach is based on Dr. John Berardi’s principles.

It’s very important that you consume enough protein and healthy fats.  This approach will create a body that burns fat instead of one that stores is it.  Your metabolism will be increased, helping you get the amazing body you desire.

Have protein at every meal.  Protein contains amino acids which is what your body need to build a lean body.  Never eat carbohydrates alone.  Carbs raise your blood sugar, some faster than others, telling your body to go into fat storage mode.  Protein blunts this increase in your blood sugar level keeping you in a stable fat burning mode.  For breakfast, lunch and dinner shoot for 4-6 ounces of protein which looks like the size of your palm.  Just eye ball it, no need to measure.

Eat healthy fats throughout the day.  Don’t be afraid of fats!  you need fat – no more fat free dairy, fat free peanut butter, etc.  Most fat free products replace the fat with sugar.  And sugar gets stored as fat.  Read you labels.

I created a collection of my favourite snacks to share with my clients and now I’d like to share them with you too.  I hope you enjoy this collection — it even contain cookies, puddings & muffins.  All of which are healthy and will actually help you burn fat.