Nutrition Services

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

Who is this for?
Individuals who want a long-term, realistic and sustainable solution to weight loss and their health. This habit-based coaching approach provides simple, strategic practices to help you lose the weight and keep it off. It will help you eat well regardless of what life throws at you.

Look and Feel Younger!

Your belly is flat. The definition is coming back into your arms and shoulders. Your friends are noticing. Strangers are noticing!  Your significant other is DEFINITELY noticing.

You’re fitting into clothes you forgot you even had!

Imagine your energy level soaring along with your confidence. There might even be a bit of a strut in your walk!

I’m here to say “ this is NOT a pipe dream”. .

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Cooking Demonstrations

Stuck on how to prepare Quick, Healthy Meals?

  • Join me in the kitchen for a cooking demonstration
  • I’ll prepare the following menu for you
  • You’ll sample all of these dishes and leave with the recipes
  • Learn how to plan and prepare healthy dishes that are fast, easy, nutrition and yummy

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Pre-Made Meals

Let me help you with your busy life.

I’ll prepare home cooked meals and package them in 1/2 batches for the family or individual servings if that fits your lifestyle better. A nourishing, yummy meal ready for you in a jiffy. No more stopping for fast food on the way home. No more wondering what to prepare, no clean-up – that’s all taken care of for you.

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Kitchen Makeover

Let me in your Kitchen!

If your kitchen is not in good order, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting on track to healthy eating and the body you want

  • Together we go through your kitchen
  • Clean out cupboards of unhealthy foods
  • Plan and organize the space with healthier alternatives
  • Stock and prepare your kitchen for healthy eating

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Grocery Shopping Tours

Take me with you to the grocery store!

Working together as a team, we’ll:

  • Prepare the Grocery List (Grocery List Template provided)
  • Discover Superfood
  • Learn to read labels & what to look for to classify the food as healthy or unhealthy
  • Make healthy choices when purchasing packaged foods

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