Meal Planning

$ 75.00 + Applicable Taxes


Planning is paramount when trying to change your life style.

During this session we’ll work together planning your meals around any of you preferences or limitations. It’ll be based on your likes, dislikes, on your schedule – regardless if you’re busy or you travel often, whether you have food limitations due to allergies or diet preferences, of if you don’t like to cook. We’ll talk about options that are quick, yummy and fit into your lifestyle.

  • Controlling portions without calorie counting
  • I’ll share a “Healthy Food” pick list with you. The foods are categorized by protein, fat and carbohydrates and you can use the list to do your grocery shopping.
  • Using a meal planning worksheet, together we’ll plan your meals for the week
  • I’ll review your 3-day diet logs and prepare recommendation for changes.
  • 10 fabulous quick, delicious recipes to suit your lifestyle and diet restrictions.