Cooking Demonstration

$ 45.00 + Applicable Taxes


Stuck on how to prepare Quick, Healthy Meals?

  • Join me in the kitchen for a cooking demonstration
  • I’ll prepare the following menu for you
  • You’ll sample all of these dishes and leave with the recipes
  • Learn how to plan and prepare healthy dishes that are fast, easy, nutrition and yummy

Minimum of 5 people | $45.00 + Applicable Taxes/person

Standard Menu :

  • A Tasty Protein Shake (Great as an after workout meal, breakfast or snack) – coffee mocha shake
  • Low Carb Tuna Salad – Nice and quick. As a bonus: it contains extra protein (in addition to tuna).
  • Turn your Tuna Salad into a wrap for work – no bread & very tasty & filling!

Quick dinners:

  • Pesto Chicken Pizza (a favourite at my house) &
  • Healthy Nachos, perfect for Saturday night
  • Snacks/dessert: Lactose-Free IceCream

Different menu’s are available on request, including:

  • Breakfast options,
  • Healthy snacks containing protein
  • Healthy substitutions for our favorite junk foods