Pre-made Meals

  • Made with all organic ingredients
  • Delivery to the Orleans Area for $10
  • Minimum order is 1/2 batch
Everything is sooo good…. first I had the chilli in my lunch, I added veggies. I had a few protein bars already, they’re so handy for on the go, I loved your fajitas – had them for supper one night. Today I went to the gym in the afternoon then had to run errands. So I had a protein bar on the way and when I got home I was so cold – I warmed a batch of spaghetti, OMG that is delicious, it was warm and cooked perfectly. I almost stoped at the store on the way home tonight to buy chips. But I talked myself out of stopping and came home to my spaghetti. I love. knowing that I haveMonique
Choose from your favorites below.. Minimum order is 1/2 batch .

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  • Full Batch = 10 bars

  • Full Batch = 8 pancakes

  • Full Batch = 7 servings

  • Full Batch = Serves 10

  • Full Batch = 4 servings

  • Full Batch = 6 servings

  • Full Batch = 6 Servings

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